Content Marketing

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As search marketing and seo has moved on in recent years content marketing has become a new method of optimizing your website better for search engines. Following a recent update by Google and by using hundreds of other ranking factors content marketing should now be a key part of your seo strategy.

Content marketing comes in many formats including text, graphics, video and if all these are used together in harmony you can really enhance your website’s seo and page rankings. Search engines mainly use text as the number one ranking factor and writing seo driven content for your website and structuring the seo content for good on page optimization in the right manner can help lift up all the pages on your website if you follow the correct formula that search engines like to use to rank web pages.

Content marketing can be setup in various ways on your website including product pages and blog pages which can then be indexed by search engines for your desired keywords. Content marketing and your website pages can then easily be shared by yourself and your customers on news sites, social media channels and email marketing which enables your content to be distributed across the internet to your ideal target market.

If you are looking to develop your content marketing strategy you might be interested in my recent blog post called 5 Top SEO Content Marketing Tips or alternatively please contact me to talk through your websites seo so that we can come up with a content marketing strategy for your business that will help enhance your content marketing for social media, email marketing and for your websites search engine rankings.