Lead Generation Software Tools

As an SEO Consultant my job is to ensure that your website is driving high quality targeted traffic from Organic Search, Paid Search, Referral Traffic, Social Media and many other targeted traffic channels where your ideal clients will be looking for your business, services and products.

But, then comes the second phase of your sales funnel, making sure that your website visitors convert into actual leads, sales and purchases. This can be done through providing many targeted Call To Actions on your website that will ensure your potential customers will convert when they land on your website.

However, sometimes even after building an SEO Plan, optimising your website for the best targeted traffic and optimising your website for the best Call To Actions to drive a good Conversion Rate there will still be some visitors to your website that will not convert from the first or second visit.

This is where Lead Generation Software Tools come in to help your website and sales team identify who is visiting your website, what pages they are looking at, how long they were on the site for and what traffic source they came from, for example, Google PPC including the keyword they used.

The following Lead Generation Software Tools allow you to indentify the company name, website address, and the size of the company in terms of the number of employees and what industry sector they are from to help your business understand how many hot leads are still on the table for you to convert.

Lead Forensics

Lead Generation Software Tools - SEO Consultant Hampshire - Lead Forensics

Lead Forensics is one of the best Lead Generation Software Tools in the industry. If your business is predominantly B2B then this Lead Generation System will help identify who is looking at your website so that you can convert more hot leads before your competitors do!

Find out what pages your potential customers are looking at and contact them to help answer any remaining questions that they might have. Once you have done this you could well be on the way to converting more of your website traffic. There is no upfront obligation as you can trial the software on your website for 14 days to collect some data from your existing traffic channels.

Request your FREE TRIAL today and find out who is looking at your website!