SEO Consultant Hampshire Launches New SEO Training Guide

I’ve been in marketing for nearly 20 years now and I’ve been running my own internet marketing business for 15 years.  Over these years, I’ve found SEO to be a very fundamental part of growing a website and business through digital channels such as Search Engines & Social Media etc.

As an independent SEO Consultant based in Southampton, Hampshire, I’ve only ever been able to take on a certain amount of work. This has meant through the years that I’ve turned away many projects due to limited capacity and therefore the reason for creating a new SEO Training Guide.

I’ve learnt the SEO skills that have grown many websites Millions of Hits per month and Millions of Pounds of Revenue. I’ve decided that rather than turn away clients who need help to grow their SEO, that I’d like to share my knowledge through my new SEO Training Guide, so that they can learn too.

In my new SEO Training Guide, it covers: Building An SEO Plan For Your Website and the following…

  • Why Build An SEO Plan For Your Website
  • Getting SEO Data For Your SEO Plan
  • SEO Data For Landing Pages
  • Broad SEO Data For Your SEO Plan
  • Niche SEO Data For Your SEO Plan
  • Summary Of Building An SEO Plan For Your Website

I will be planning in the future to add more elements to this new SEO Training Guide, but in the meantime, if you’re interested in growing your SEO for your business and website, then please Contact SEO Consultant Hampshire for your copy of the new SEO Training Guide today!

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