5 Google Plus SEO Tips

One of the latest and fastest growing social media platforms is Google+. What with it being heavily linked to the most popular search engine Google it is wise to get yourself set up and networking on the platform and for those who are new to the social network I have put together 5 Google Plus SEO tips to get you to going in the right direction.

I have been steadily using the Google+ social network for last two years and I have just this week hit 1000 people in my circles. This not only helps my presence on the network, but it impacts on the SEO of all my linked websites and I will cover this in the following 5 Google Plus SEO tips.

Add web links to your Google+ Profile

Just like all other social media networks Google+ provides it users with an about page where you can add all your web links to your other social networks, your website and blog. This is free Organic Traffic to your website allowing people to find out more about you and your business. Just like all other social networks you can upload your profile photo and a header banner advertising what you do.

Add keywords to your Google+ Profile

Just as you can on other social media pages you can enter a description about yourself and your business. Make sure when you are updating content on social media pages that you include keywords that you feel people will be using in search engines and on social networks to find you. This will ensure that you can be found easily by potential customers or good suppliers.

Distribute your content

Just like all the other social networks you can distribute your blog content, images and videos through Google+. This is a great way of spreading your message of what you do and helping create more links on the Google+ network back to your website. The more connections you have on Google+, the more chance people will +1 your content to their followers.

Use Relevant Hashtags

Google+ allows you to add hashtags to all your posts just as Twitter have always done and more recently Facebook. This allows users on the network to search for hashtags and if you are using hashtags that people are interested in then they are more likely to find your Google+ posts, content and connect with you on the network.

Google Authorship

Now if you are regular blogger of content on your site then signing up to Google Authorship is one of the most important Google+ SEO tips I can currently give you. This allows you to claim all your blog content that you write and distribute as your own. By completing the Google Authorship process it provides you with your Google+ profile image next to your website listing and blog posts in Google searches. Part of the criteria of the process is that you need to add your domain email address to your Google+ profile in the about section. This will ensure the process is complete and it will allow you to generate more of a presence in Google searches.

5 Google Plus SEO Tips

Good Luck with your 5 Google Plus SEO Tips!

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