Grows by 37% in 2013

SEO Consultant Hampshire have had the pleasure in working with since 2011 and last year we saw another massive increase in web traffic to the comparison website following continuous work from developing unique SEO content, pay-per-click advertising, email newsletter sign ups, affiliate marketing and social media.

Despite many people not being able to afford holidays abroad have still managed to grow their web traffic by 37% in 2013. This is mainly down to consumers looking to compare the market so that they can find the cheapest travel money deals using the best UK currency suppliers. Grows by 37% in 2013

ConvenienceĀ is everything in today’s market and making things as easy as possible for consumers is important. Most consumers are on the lookout to save money as disposal income is tight and allows consumers to compare the market 24 hours a day and 7 days a week with currency rates being updated every hour from all the major currency suppliers.

SEO Consultant Hampshire have also assisted the team in the development of a new second travel money comparison website called which allows consumers to compare all the currency buy back suppliers in the UK so that if they come back with any travel money they can sell it back to suppliers for the best possible exchange rate.

We have found from market research that consumers can save anything from 10% compared to going to high street banks or airport exchange bureau’s which makes shopping for currency much easier and cheaper for people looking to take cash or currency cards on holiday with them. Using local currency is much cheaper than using credit cards and you can often find better deals when paying for things in cash.

SEO Consultant Hampshire are looking forward to the year ahead as we look to continue developing the Organic SEO and Paid Traffic for both the comparison websites. If you are looking for assistance in developing your organic or paid traffic to your B2B or B2C website please get in touch.

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