5 Top SEO Content Marketing Tips

Developing blog content for your business is a must in today’s online marketing efforts. With people using search engines and social media networks to research information or to find an answer to a question it is key to ensure that your business has a content marketing strategy for your future SEO efforts.

SEO Consultant Hampshire have come up with 5 top SEO content marketing tips to help you on your way with your content marketing strategy. Quite often business owners are not sure how to approach blogging and how to use it to benefit SEO Marketing and Social Media Networking.

5 Top SEO Content Marketing Tips

How To Blogs

In the future Google predicts that people will be looking to use voice search more often through mobile devices as it will save people time when searching and with this mind Google is looking to provide content to its customer base which will help answer questions to problems. One of my top seo content marketing tips for the future is to provide more blog content which will help answer a specific question on a specific subject in the form of how to blog articles. This will help you develop unique content in search engines which can be shared across your social networks to help drive Organic Traffic and Referral Traffic to your website.

Top Tips Blogs

Top tips blog articles are a great way of sharing useful tips for people that are looking for help on a specific subject. Blog articles as such as this (5 top SEO content marketing tips) are useful to people looking for quick and easy information on how to do things for their own business or in their personal life. By developing top tips articles which have a number in the blog title it helps people understand what they are going get before they click on the article. For example, how many tips and what the tips are about which will help increase the number of clicks that your article will receive. Blog articles like this enable you to embed the keywords that you would like to target through search engines which will impact on your SEO and Organic Search traffic levels.

Educational Blogs

Educational blog posts which are very similar to the above article suggestions in that these are informative to your readers. They are designed to help drive people to your site and to educate them on specific subjects. When people arrive on your blog make sure that it is educational and not a sales pitch as this will put off people from potentially signing up to your Email Newsletter or social media networks for more tips. If you can create yourself as an expert leader in your industry then people will start to trust your educational blog posts and eventually when they do need your services or products then they will most likely come to you instead of your competitors. If your blog posts are informative enough then you will entice people to sign up your distribution service which must easy to find from your blog post otherwise all the traffic that you are generating will be useless.

Be Human & Tell A Story

A great way to build trust and for people to get to know you it is a good idea to write blog posts which make you sound like a human rather than a robot. Sometimes you need to inject a bit of personality into your writing to help tell a story rather than bore people. If you have made it this far down my blog post then it must be interesting, informative and you are enjoying yourself! Quite often people don’t always read an entire article and all they are interested in is the headline and the easy to collect information. However, part of your content and SEO Plan must be to keep people on your web pages for as long as possible as this will improve your web stats in terms of how long people stay on your site which is important to search engines as this indicates that the web page must be useful to users and it will help your website rank better overall as a result.

Client News

When you have done a good job for your client and they are happy with what you have done then producing content based on your Client SEO Projects and customer success it a great way to showcase what you do works and how it could potentially work for new customers when they are researching your online profile before contacting or buying from you. This content can easily then be shared to your mailing list via email newsletters and your social media networks. It will help build trust and relationships with existing and new customers before they decide to use your services or buy your products. This might be the difference between customers buying from you or your competitors.

Good luck with your content marketing plan!

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