Grows By Another 223% Since 2013 With Help From SEO Consultant Hampshire

It’s been three years since I published a blog update to my SEO Consultant Hampshire website and I thought what better way to update my SEO blog than to showcase some of my recent SEO case study projects during this time.

Back in January 2014 I published a blog post called – Grows by 37% in 2013 – and since then the team at Compare Holiday Money and myself have been busy building the business up and implementing lots of new ideas to not only help consumers compare travel money exchanges rates more easily online, but to also increase the awareness of the comparison website across the internet and through Search Engines.

During 2014 and 2015, we have implemented many new ideas to help grow the website traffic by 223% and here are some of the SEO strategies and solutions we used to build up the Organic Search traffic and reoccurring customer base:

SEO Marketing Plan

The online travel money market is very competitive and consumers use thousands of different SEO Keywords for hundreds of different currencies. Just like any industry and website online we needed an SEO Marketing Plan to make sense of what people were looking for and where we ranked in Search Engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo etc.

The Compare Holiday Money SEO marketing plan is an ongoing and evolving project still to date, but once we had some idea of what people where using to compare and buy currency online we were able to use the data to formulate targeted SEO landing pages and specific content not only for those landing pages, but for our blog to help answer specific questions that consumers might have before buying travel money online.

Using an SEO Plan these days is without question a must for any business whether you are an ecommerce online only company or a small business looking to develop your Local SEO awareness through Organic Search, PPC Advertising, Content Marketing and Social Media Marketing.

SEO Landing Pages

At Compare Holiday Money we are fortunate to have a talented team with a set of unique skills and at the beginning of 2014 our technical team were able to use our new SEO Marketing Plan to design and develop targeted SEO landing pages along with a complete new website design.

When the new website was launched and our new Buy Currency SEO landing pages were indexed into Search Engines we started to see a very large increase in our Organic Search traffic and Website Conversions on the previous year.

New Euros Buy Currency SEO Landing Page…

We then continued to use the SEO marketing plan to launch many new SEO landing pages and travel money comparison services across the new website including the following:

In addition, to the above new SEO landing pages we also designed and updated existing landing pages for PrePaid Currency Cards and Money Transfers and we designed a new Travel Money Blog courtesy of Tinstar Design for posting niche content about specific currencies and to answer unique questions that consumers might have about buying Travel Money.

Gatwick Airport Travel Money Exchange Rates…

Mobile Friendly Website

As the usage of mobile phones and tablet devices continues to rise here in the UK for researching and shopping online websites are finding that they quickly need to upgrade to become mobile friendly. This is more common in the B2C market than B2B, but none the less if your website is not mobile friendly then you are not only potentially losing Search Engine traffic, but you are losing customers to your competitors.

As is highly focused towards consumers in the B2C market we have found that upgrading the website to Mobile Friendly has been a big plus in our continued growth. This not only allows us to rank higher in Mobile Searches above competitor websites, but it also allows our customer base to compare exchange rates and to convert on the website without having to log onto a Desktop computer.

This is highly convenient for consumers looking to buy travel money as they can now use our new Click and Collect Currency service whilst on the high street or for very last minute currency purchases if they don’t have time for delivery to their home address. In fact this year we have actually started to see more Mobile Traffic than Desktop Traffic.

SEO Consultant Hampshire continues to work with Compare Holiday Money and we are looking forward to adding many more features to the Travel Money comparison website including expanding the business internationally and into other product areas for consumers to buy at the last minute before travelling overseas.

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