SEO Consultant Hampshire Launches Freelance SEO Consultant UK Domain

As I approach almost two years since moving from Southampton to the Isle Of Wight, I have just started the process of expanding my SEO Strategy, by launching a new Freelance SEO Consultant UK domain name.

The SEO Strategy behind this is to expand from just targeting Hampshire and the Isle Of Wight, to expanding targeting across the UK. I’ve had my existing domain name for just over ten years, but during this time, I’ve had clients across the UK.

In the ten years that I’ve had the SEO Consultant Hampshire domain name I’ve had paying clients locally in Southampton, Portsmouth, Gosport, Fareham, Isle Of Wight, Basingstoke and across many other local towns and villages in the county of Hampshire.

However, during this time, additionally I’ve had paying clients in London, Wiltshire, Buckinghamshire, Sussex, Cornwall, Somerset and the West Midlands. In the last ten years, SEO has changed a great deal and businesses are working even more remotely than ever.

I don’t typically recommend to clients changing domain names, unless there are significant benefits in the process that will ensure that a business will gain a much bigger return on investment, from the time and money spent on the process in the longer term.

In this case, the Brand term SEO Consultant Hampshire is only searched around 60 times per month in the UK, but Freelance SEO Consultant is searched 1510 times per month and therefore the benefit of ranking for these single Brand terms separately are extremely clear.

Another benefit of upgrading domain names is that the Freelance SEO Consultant UK domain name will enable me to expand on my Local SEO efforts more. For example, gaining extra exposure via Google Maps across on the UK and building more Local Landing Pages.

There is another phase to the SEO Strategy, but I am currently not going to mention this, as it’s still in the planning process. However, this is very much linked to another reason why I am looking to upgrade the domain name, to enable expansion of the business and income.

I launched the Freelance SEO Consultant UK domain name two weeks ago by copying the SEO Consultant Hampshire Website using one of the many WordPress Migration Plugin Tools and migrating it across to the Freelance SEO Consultant UK domain name.

I’ve setup the new Google Analytics 4 Profile and the new Google Search Console Profile, including submitting the Sitemap to Google, and the Freelance SEO Consultant UK domain name is starting to index and grow gradually each week.

Freelance SEO Consultant UK Domain Name Growing In Google Search Console…

Freelance SEO Consultant UK Domain Name Growing In Google Search Console

As of today, just two weeks ago since launching the new Freelance SEO Consultant UK domain name, the Website is ranked on Page 16 for Freelance SEO Consultant and Page 13 for Freelance SEO Consultant UK.

The aim over the next six to twelve months is to get to Position 1 for Freelance SEO Consultant, Freelance SEO Consultant UK and all the other related Freelance SEO search terms that I will be targeting as part of the SEO Strategy for this domain name.

However, it’s important with any Domain Name Migration; that you maintain your existing SEO Rankings from your old Website Domain Name and in this case this includes SEO Consultant Hampshire as the old Brand search term.

Currently, the SEO Consultant Hampshire Website ranks for many Local SEO keywords in Hampshire and the Isle Of Wight, and many of these are on Page 1 of Google and other popular Search Engines such as Bing etc.

This includes SEO Isle Of Wight, SEO Consultancy Hampshire, SEO Expert Hampshire, SEO Specialist Hampshire, Freelance SEO Hampshire, SEO Training Hampshire and many other related SEO Hampshire search terms.

Secondly, it includes other Local SEO Keywords, such as SEO Newbury, SEO In Hook, SEO Havant, SEO Gosport, SEO Waterlooville, SEO Emsworth, SEO Fordingbridge, SEO New Milton, SEO Ringwood, SEO Petersfield and SEO Whitchurch, for example.

Without listing all the Local SEO Keywords, there are many that I will be looking to maintain as part of the Domain Name Migration from SEO Consultant Hampshire to Freelance SEO Consultant UK.

This will very much be a phased process, as there are lots of Technical SEO updates, SEO Link Building updates, SEO Landing Page updates and I will be managing the Domain Name Migration when I have spare capacity days around existing monthly SEO Projects.

However, I will be sharing my progress via my SEO Blog Posts and across my Social Media Channels, as and when. Up until recently, I have been fully booked with monthly SEO Projects, but if you’re looking for an Freelance SEO Consultant please get in touch.

For more information about what I can offer your business, please visit my Website SEO Packages page and my SEO Case Study Examples page. Alternatively, please Contact SEO Freelance Consultant today and we can arrange an initial chat about your business.

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